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Askaloo (www.askaloo.com) is the new social app here in Malta :)
What is Askaloo?
Askaloo´s goal is to connect people with similar interests though hangouts and activities. “A real-time experience APP that lets you easily get in touch with people and activities in your local area.”
The app is has to main features - "Hangouts" and "Activities":
Lets users easily create and join casual hangouts in their local area. Write a short description and attach related interest to the hangout. After you have created your first hangout, some people might find it interesting, at the end of the day, you might end up being a group of people enjoying a couple of beers together in the sunset! ??

What are you doing?

Makes it possible for creators to post activities in the application. If you are looking for an easy way to manage the courses/events for your business or maybe you just like to organize get-togethers, this feature gives you all these possibilities.
We hope that this feature also might bring new clients into current business ?
For times when you're struggling to find people to connect with or things to, our app will show you the way!
Welcome to Askaloo – “Connecting People”*
*The application is FREE*

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