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Hear me closely! Uninstall every single App from your Smartphone because there is one Super App that is the new eye-candy of the town. This bonju rides App offers Doorstep Delivery of 70+ On-Demand Services to Millions of Users like you. This App’s sole motto is your every need and demands’ instant gratification! You can book Taxi Rides, take Cabs and Moto Rides on Rent, place Online Orders for Food, Groceries, Medicines, and Stationeries, Transport and Logistics, Hiring a Personal Shopper to run errands on your behalf. You can also get a Classic External Car Wash Service at Home or even schedule an appointment with a Beautician for Anti-Acne Facial. You can also opt for Video Consultations with your Doctors, Yoga Instructors and even Personal Academic Tutors!

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The main aim to design a taxi app is to serve people. The amazing taxi service is the pride of the city. From the past few years, these fabled cabs have helped people a lot to take them from one place to another. Roads look quite without these taxi services.
With Bonju Needs you can instantly request a cab and go to your desired location at the most affordable cost! Choose between a variety of options such as Ride Pooling, Ride by Distance and Ride by Hour, and move around Malta like you truly deserve!
Need to urgently deliver a package from point A to point B? Bonju Needs has got you covered! With our Parcel Delivery service, you can now instantly deliver packages of any size from one place to another through our easy-to-use App!
The famous concept of item delivery can be set up in today’s era with various domains, from package delivery to food delivery. Nevertheless, it is not adequate just to twin the concept in some different business nook. It is essential to contemplate different factors, as there are several pitfalls linked with deliveries. Whether you want to get your expensive packages delivered everything is possible with this single app.

My clients

Fantastic service, booked through App, I was able to follow the car all the way to arrival, even 15 minutes before. Affordable price. Highly recommended
- marco sproccati
The best. Very good dispatch as well thankyou yurgen for helping out ❤️
- Wehr Wegr
Affordable and reliable 🙌🏻 cheapest cab service on the island 👍🏼 recommended 💯
- arlise incorvaja
Excellent service
- tim pharo

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