Who are you?

Every single workout and class is uniquely designed. Whether you are just starting out or already wrestling aligators ;) we've got what you need!

What are you doing?

Freemyme offers a huge range of innovative and unique fitness sessions designed to give you everything you want from a training program including: weight loss; improving strength and flexibility, building better physique; enhancing cardiovascular health and respiratory capacity; eliminating stress and calming the mind; and above all HAVE AN AWESOME TIME with a tight knit community and break free from everyday life to discover your path of self expression and freedom.

My clients

Outstanding business. Tony and the team are great. They help you every step of the way. Great energy and time invested in each class. Suitable for everyone. A great place for you achieve your goals.
- Jane O'Connell
Great place to work out! I booked a fitness holiday package and was very satisfied with the classes, trainers and support. I enjoyed the friendly and positive atmosphere and hopefully will come back soon. Thank you, Antonio & Jan-Niclas!!
- Karin
Pricey but worth it! I love this gym concept and their staff! It would be cool if they could let the gym be used as “normal gym” between the classes. Great job Tony! You are the best!
- Margarida Cunha
The best fitness club in Malta! Offers group sessions and personal trainings. Multiple subscription packages. Fantastic trainers that really love what they do. Highly recommended!
- Dimitri Prosvirin
Went for two yoga classes during my holiday. Loved it, especialy the Freemyflow one. Very helpful staff as well. Clean.
- Sonja Miler

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