Who are you?

We are a CrossFit box set up in Gzira/Sliema-if you want to come join our awesome family just drop a line for a free trial session- everyone welcome.

What are you doing?

The gym is fully equipped by Again Faster. We have wallballs, kettlebells, barbells, a rower and an assault bike, boxes, dumbbells, etc.
Fans : Our box is in the basement. It is cool here even in the summer. Six fans serve us better than artificial air from an air conditioner. Feel the breeze while rowing your Tabata sprints.
Rower machine : Helps to build body engine and burn more than 8 calories per minute. It is good for high intensity interval training. It improves both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.
Assault bike : It’s used for warm-ups or cool-downs and is helpful as a rehabilitation tool. Using air resistance, the Assault AirBike scales automatically to how hard you want to work. The harder you pedal, the greater the resistance. It's just science.
Kettlebells : They are used in all kinds of endurance and strength work. They are simple to use and give limitless options for exercising.
Balls : Heavily loaded medicine balls are thrown at a flat vertical target about two meters above the ground. During this exercise nearly every joint in the body must open and close repeatedly. Wall ball exercise is a great way to hit a lot of muscles at once.

My clients

Good small local CF gym with very nice and helpful people with a good coach. Definitely recommended, if you are around. It was a bit difficult to find the gym first in the morning times though.
- Ubul Szekszárdi
Been a member since May 2021 and its one of the friendliest, comfortable and best place to train in on the island. Members are friendly and a supportive community and owners know what they're doing and are great/helpful.
- Bahaa Khalifa
Fantastic gym for people of all abilities. Vitaly is a great trainer who is super dedicated, highly recommend!
- Nicola Aspell
Better than the gym, I promise ! 😉 Come sweat together with us ! ❤️
- Inna R
Been an active member for over 2 years, coaches are experienced & friendly and has a family like community as bonus you get free Russian lessons!!
- Darren Sammut

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