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Linkman Group assists and supports companies in sourcing, whilst also providing turnkey solutions.
As an outsourced central purchasing unit, Linkman Group manages both the performance of the offer, so that it is competitive in price and quality, and its supply chain, to promote a 100% service rate.

By providing this support to both large companies and SMEs, Linkman Group is building a network that opens up a vast horizon of solutions.

What are you doing?

Are you looking for PCTE membrane ? Silver membranes? Glass or quartz microfibre ? And much more!
Through the extensive network of partners, Linkman Group offers membrane filters in all existing sizes and can even provide you with tailor-made solutions to suit your laboratory needs.

In addition, Linkman Group specialises in all types of laboratory equipment and personal protective equipment.
Can't find the product you are looking for? Contact customer service and they will find it for you!

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