Who are you?

The team behind Padel Malta is Janika and Karl Wijkmark. Both sports enthusiast, they came across Padel a couple of years ago in Sweden. From that very day they were convinced that Padel had to make it’s way to Malta. With previous business experience from their charity water company here in Malta, Contribute Water, the team decided to roll up their sleeves and make Padel a reality in Malta. After many long nights, new-gained experience in concrete (!) and many laughs, they are now happy to announce Padel Malta in Pembroke.

What are you doing?

Padel can be explained as a mix between tennis and squash with a net in the middle. Scoring works the same way as in Tennis and the sport is played with similar balls to tennis but with less pressure. The Padel (racket) is stringless and made out of carbonfiber with a solid surface with holes in it. Serves are made below or at waist level. A major difference compared to tennis is that the walls surrounding the court can be used in the game (similar to squash). It is always played in doubles and the size of the court is about a third of a tennis court.

My clients

What a place! State of the art courts (2) with equipment to rent on location, super friendly staff and run by a lovely couple with an ideal combination of local touch and Scandinavian standard. They also have a surprisingly well equipped bar for after-workout hangouts or just socialising, and a common area with a pool and ping pong table. You will enjoy your time here!
- Marcus Arvidsson
One of the best sports you can play :D New courts and a awesome crew.
- Marcus Agte

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