Who are you?

We are a Helsinki-based technology company known for our food delivery platform. We make it easy for hungry people to find great food from our restaurant partners to either pick it up themself, or have it delivered by one of our delivery partners. Today, we’re also increasingly known for enabling people to get the same Wolt delivery experience from virtually any type of grocery store, retail shop or boutique within the city.

What are you doing?

Wolt is – essentially – building new infrastructure. We build a connection between restaurants and retailers that want to make and sell food and other products, couriers that want to earn through delivering those products, and customers who want to free up time and effort to focus on the more important things in life. By doing this, we make our cities also better places to live. And by “better” we mean happier people: happier small enterprises that have more business and that can employ more people, happier couriers that have a flexible way to earn when they choose, happier customers who now have easy access to a great meal or anything else they need, exactly when and where they need it - and who get to save some of their precious time while they are at it.

My clients

We always choose Wolt for deliveries, when we have a problem with the delivery (restaurant fault) we always get a compensation without any hassle ( they check with the restaurant and then they communicate with us with the outcome) Drivers are very courteous. Best Delivery company so far.
- Herbert Camilleri
Excellent service and a great company to work for or with!
- Mark Mallia
Very good experience with me and delivery also fast
- Monifur Rahman Khan
My fav app to order food. So many options, app is super easy and the customer service is amazing!
- Maria Luiza Ramos
Great service and even better Customer support!
- Matthew Vella

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