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Do you still have some questions?

What is the Malta Communities Pass?

It is a discount card with the purpose to provide you with a whole range of services and activities at a lower price. Every person carrying this card automatically get to enjoy the services of our partners all around the island and at a reduced price! The card costs €50, and is valid for a year.

How to get my card?

You can easily get your Malta Communities Pass by clicking on the ‘Buy my card’ button, filling in your details and paying the €50 fee. You will then get your Malta Communities card. You can download it on the website to keep it with you at all times, but you can also retrieve it at any time by going to the dedicated area on your account.

How long is the subscription?

One year, cancellable at any time.

Where can I use my Malta Communities Pass?

You can use the Malta Communities Pass with all our business partners, which are listed on our map. Click on their icons to check which discounts are available in their premises. All partners have different offers, make sure to check them all on the map!;)

How do I show my card?

After subscribing, you can find the card in the “My Account” section. You can print it or simply save it on your phone and show it to any of our partners to enjoy one of our amazing deals. The card is nominative, you can’t lend it to your friend or your family.

Enjoy Malta & Gozo at 100%

Enjoy Malta & Gozo at 100%

Join our community by offering a deal, and be featured on our books and websites! You would be in a position to attract more customer through the visibility you would get, and every client of yours carrying our card would get to enjoy your specific offer.

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